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Casino & Sports betting
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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

The provider promotes safe gambling and offers resources and tools to help users maintain control over their gaming behavior. This includes choices for self-exclusion, limiting deposits, and pausing while playing.

We advise players to take some action even the moment they create their account. One very common thing that many players prefer to do is to set limits on their deposits. They can set daily, weekly and monthly limits, and this way they can stay more in control of their gambling.


Players who are dealing with a more serious addiction can consider closing their accounts. Betmaster allows players to close their accounts for an indefinite time. The best thing here to do is to contact Customer Support and they will help each player to make a better-informed decision.

Before anyone decides to self-exclude from gambling, they must close any opening gaming sessions. It is also important for a player to delete all Company's website-related applications from any device. The self-exclusion will come into effect once all pending bets have settled or have been canceled. Once the self-exclusion period is over, a player has the right to request the reopening of their account.

Underage Gambling

Players who register on the site, confirm that they are 18 or over, which is the legal age required for this type of activity.

Betmaster Casino doesn't allow anyone who is under the age of 18 to create an account. For that reason, the casino will go through a verification procedure to make sure that the person is of legal age to gamble at their site. The casino has the right to exclude clients from its services if there are doubts regarding the client’s age.

Clients who have minors living in their households should consider installing parental control software. Here are some they might take a look at:

Players who have minors living in their households are advised to not save their login details, especially if they share their computer with someone else.

Verification Process

Betmaster Casino requires all their clients to verify their identity to prevent fraud and restrict underage gambling. For this reason, each player needs to send the following documents:

  • To verify their identity they can send a copy of their ID card, driving license, or passport.
  • To verify their address they can send a bank statement, utility bill, or other relevant documents.
  • To verify the validation of their payment method, players need to send a copy of the transaction.

Once a player sends all the necessary documents the casino will process them as soon as possible. The verification process may take up to 14 days, so for that reason, we advise players to verify their account as soon as they create it, so there won't be any delays when they request a withdrawal.

Self-assessment test

A self-assessment test has been designed to help players identify whether they have a gambling problem or not. Players need to answer these questions honestly.

  • Do you bet more than you can afford?
  • Do you need to bet with larger amounts of money to get the same feeling of excitement?
  • Do you get the feeling to go back another day to try and win back the money you have lost?
  • Have you ever thought that you have a gambling problem?
  • Do you gamble to escape everyday problems?
  • Do other people criticize the way you gamble?
  • Do you feel you have health problems like stress and anxiety due to your gambling habits?
  • Do you feel irritable when you attempt to control or stop gambling?
  • Have you ever experienced financial problems in your household due to your gambling habits?
  • Have you ever tried to cut back on gambling but you have failed?
  • Have you ever failed to meet important commitments due to your gambling behavior?
  • Do you sometimes feel ashamed of your gambling?

Responsible Gaming

Online gambling is done for entertainment purposes only. Anyhow, some people might lose control over their gambling. This is mainly done because they believe gambling can become a source of income.

It is very important to understand what gambling is even before players start to play. It is possible to win money while gambling, and what is more some lucky players can win life-changing sums in just one spin. On the other hand, players will likely lose a lot of money while gambling. But, players should see this as a down payment for the thrill they had while playing a certain game and not as much as a loss.

Betmaster Casino has many different features that will help players control gambling. Players can monitor the amount of time and money they spend playing, and one of the most useful features is the opportunity to set limits on the time and money they deposit into their accounts.

Betmaster Casino offers assistance with problem gambling. Each player with problem gambling can consider several measures that can help. They can contact Customer Support and an agent will help anyone make a better-informed decision.

For starters, players should consider Cooling Off Period that will help them stay more in control and encourage them to take breaks from gambling. Players can close their accounts between 24 hours and 90 days. During this period it is still allowed to log into an account and make a withdrawal, but players can't make a deposit and play games for real money. The Cooling Off Period is applied to an account immediately.

Another very great feature is self-exclusion that allows players to close their account temporarily or permanently. It is best to contact Customer Support in this case and they will help players decide which option is the best for them. The casino will take all measures to block access to the user account and during this time players will not receive any promotional material. Players need to keep in mind that the self-exclusion period may take up to 48 hours to come into effect.

When gambling starts interfering with a person’s normal daily routines they should consider asking for help. There are plenty of different organizations that will help each gambler with guidance and advice. Some of the most popular organizations include:

luckily, most players can stay in control of their play but there is a small percentage that will not be able to stay in control. Players need to keep in mind the following things that will help them stay on top of things:

online gambling is done for entertainment purposes and not be seen as a way to earn money.

players need to keep control of the money they wager and they should wager only the amount they can afford to lose.

Players should never chase their losses.

Players should contact the following organizations if they have any issue considering gambling: