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August 5, 2021

Welcome Bonuses: The Start of the Live Casino Journey

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Online live casinos are becoming more and more popular as days go by due to them providing a hassle-free experience. The player can sit back at their home, relax and play their favorite online bingo game at these casinos. But for new players who are starting out on this journey, online casinos can be daunting.

Welcome Bonuses: The Start of the Live Casino Journey

And to help them shift, many popular casinos, including are offering a sign-up bonus for new online players. For online casino players, the welcome bonus is a very popular thing. And they try to take advantage of it whenever they can.

But as always not all bonus is created equal. While some of them may seem very player-friendly, others may not. Sometimes a small bonus can trump a large bonus with lots of requirements.

Why are welcome bonuses provided?

Live online casinos are made to make money and not just give them away to players. And for that reason, many people wonder why actually are the welcome bonus provided.

The simplest answer to that question is marketing. Offering a welcome bonus is a very popular marketing tool that allows them to win the customer over other competitors. As soon as someone signs up, the players get their new sign-up bonuses.

Even though the best online casinos in 2021, will make money over time, the welcome bonus adds significant value to the players.

Basic benefits of welcome bonus

As newcomers, the planning phase of depositing money and risking it can seem daunting. The casino welcome bonus allows the player to enjoy a risk-free experience from the get-go. They can play the tables with buying using their bonus. And once they get the hang of it, they can go ahead and invest their money.

In addition to that, losing is an inevitable part of online casinos. But even after a player loses all games in a row, the welcome bonus allows them to play a few extra tables or rounds. And this eventually adds value to their overall online casino experience.

The necessity of verifying account

Genesis Gaming has a pre-requisite of full-on verification before the player can get their hands on the sign-up bonus. This mandatory part of the process has some strong foundation behind it.

The first reason is that it allows both parties to have strong security at the platform. The verification at the withdrawal process makes sure the prize money goes to the right hand. And it also makes sure, no one person is not making multiple accounts just to play the systems and get their hands on welcome bonuses over and over again.

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