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Live Casino Games: Slots vs Blackjack - Which One is Better

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The finest enjoyment for gamblers nowadays may be found at live casinos. Even though some individuals like land-based casinos, live casinos provide the utmost convenience. Because of this, live casinos are more popular than traditional casinos among gamers. Moreover, live casino games can also be found in mobile casinos, making them more convenient and easily accessible.

Live Casino Games: Slots vs Blackjack - Which One is Better

Have you ever questioned which game is better, between live slots and live blackjack, aside from the fact that live casinos are superior to land-based casinos? We can't tell which game is superior, so let's talk in-depth about each game and determine which one is.

Even if both games are great and people love them, many still believe one should be better. You've come to the perfect site if you're trying to decide which is superior. If you want to figure out which game is better, keep reading until the end. So, let's get going.

Live Slot Machines

Let's first review the slot machines and how to use them in detail. The latest features, like bonus rounds, cascading reels, and free spins, have just been added to one of the oldest casino games.

These features provide players with access to a wide range of gaming options. To make it simpler for you to research the most critical slot qualities and discover new games, the most well-liked games have also been compiled.

When a button is pressed, a slot machine's three or more rotating reels begin to spin. Even though a game may have more or fewer reels, three is often the absolute minimum. Some live slot machines, nevertheless, could contain empty spins, but that is a rare case.

Thanks to technological breakthroughs and the expanding role of the Internet in our daily lives, live slot machines are no longer just found in actual casinos. Because live slots are gradually displacing other casino games, they are the most well-known and varied live casino games.

Therefore, live slots can be the best choice if you want to have fun and reminisce about your youth. These games are fun to play and easy to learn. Consequently, even if you're a beginner, you might still enjoy this game. The best strategy would be to perform the initial practice for free and postpone beginning to gamble until you feel comfortable.

How to Play Live Slots

Each live slot machine has a current payback percentage or the amount that will eventually be refunded to players programmed into it. The likelihood of winning increases with the payback percentage. The two most common types of slots seen in casinos are progressive and flat-top.

While flat-top jackpots have a set jackpot sum, progressive jackpots feature payouts that rise as more players participate. You must place the highest coin wager possible on a progressive machine to win the jackpot. 

Simply insert some cash into the machine and spin the reels or lever to begin playing. How much is given out depends on the patterns that appear on the pay line. The location of the pay line on the machine must thus be carefully considered.

Some machines' multiple pay lines increase your chances of winning. You will be compensated if any winning combinations are shown on the pay line after the reels have been spun. Depending on the device, payouts can be made in the form of coins, cash, or credits that can be used to play other casino games.

Live Blackjack

The fascinating card game of blackjack is simple to master. A live casino's design strives to be as similar to a real-world casino as it is practical. The dealer will face you at a live blackjack casino when you enter. The dealer is seated behind the blackjack betting table.

As the game goes, the dealer will continue to hand cards face-up in front of your wager while pulling them out of a real shoe. The social aspect of blackjack is enhanced by the possibility of seeing other players' cards. There is a certain period before the commencement of each round during which you may wager and put bets. The dealer will begin dealing cards after you if you don't.

It's crucial to remember that the goal of live blackjack is not to get as close to 21 as possible. Even though this is the most excellent possible score and nearly ensures a win, if you play live blackjack by consistently striving for 21, you won't be winning much. You merely need to outscore the dealer's card total to win.

How to Play

Let’s say you are dealt with a two and an eight; you know your total hand worth is 13. The value of your complete hand is 13 if you are dealt a five and an eight. The value of the Jack, Queen, and King face cards is 10. On the other hand, the value of the Ace is determined by its use and the other cards you have in your hand.

The Ace will automatically be scored at 11, making your entire hand worth 13 points if you draw that plus a two. The ace’s value will be changed to one if you hit and draw a 10, giving your hand a value of 23 and preventing a bust.

The cards you hold in your hand determine the total worth of your hand. As a result, your total hand worth is 20 if you receive a ten and a Jack. Your hand is busted, and you lose your bet if you ever reach 21. The available alternatives are hit, stand, split, double down, or insurance.

Which One is Better – Live Slots or Live Blackjack?

Casino games like live slots are simple since they don't require any strategy. To win in live blackjack, you must strategize and choose your action. You must decide whether to stand or hit every time you are dealt a hand. Occasionally, you must decide whether to double down, fold, or split.

If you're utilizing a strategy card or have the best plan committed to memory, make sure you're making the best play. All of these factors must be considered if you want to reduce the house’s advantage. You can play slots without thinking if you don't want to.

When playing slots online, it's not even required to press the spin button often, because many of the machines let you set them for a number of spins. You can select to spin the reels swiftly or slowly. If you want to hit it as rapidly as possible, you might be able to play 500 hands per hour or just 50 spins per hour.

Therefore, the primary point we are trying to make is that when playing slots, you won't have to worry about coming up with plans or anything like that. When playing blackjack, you need to strategize more and, at times, even think outside the box in order to succeed.

More Chance of Winning

Let's now discuss the second topic. The maximum payout is 1.5 times your initial bet in a standard blackjack hand. This happens when you win live blackjack and get a 3 to 2 payoff. If you choose to double down or split your stake and win both hands, you will be paid twice as much as your initial wager.

However, if you play the slots, you could earn thousands or more in a single spin. Progressive live slot machines occasionally feature jackpots above $1,000,000, many of which have top prizes of at least $10,000. Even if it's uncommon to receive the most fantastic payouts, it is at least conceivable. Blackjack gaming renders it difficult.

There is a catch while playing live blackjack that offers a side bet with a significant potential reward. This obscure fact is something the casinos would rather you not know. The house edge on almost all table game side bets is far more extensive than on the main game. The edge over slot machines is usually increased as a result.

House Edge

The next point relates to the edge of the home. Although few blackjack players can do it consistently, some can win the game by counting cards. However, if you play sensibly and in accordance with significant regulations, you may play with a minor house edge. When playing slots, you shouldn't imagine you can trick the casino.

Slot machines steadily deplete your money account due to their design. The machines have a payback ratio built into their design that forces them to keep a particular percentage of every dollar wagered to them. Although you can win in the short run, your actual results will more closely approach your expectations the longer you play.


The dealer and other players set the blackjack game's tempo. As quickly as the dealer deals and the other players play, so can you. Although you may play a little more slowly, the finest art is produced when you match the table's tempo. When playing slots, you can feel entirely in control.

You may choose between playing swiftly and slowly. Whether you play online or at a real-world casino, this is true. This is one of the easiest ways to play slots instead of blackjack and stretch your money further. If you take your time and simply make a few spins each minute, you may be able to play for a more extended period than spinning the reels as rapidly as you can.

You could be thinking right now that live slots are better than blackjack. They could be, but slots are mostly intended for novice players. Many specialists also play slots, but there isn't much to learn or keep in mind when playing live slots. However, there are a few things that are discussed in this tutorial that you should bear in mind.

Live Blackjack, on the other hand, is for those who like a challenge. You should choose blackjack if you want to utilize your brain more and are confident you can handle the house advantage. Blackjack demands a strong visual memory and a lot of creativity. As a result, you should definitely play blackjack if you are up for the trials.

Live Slots are a good option if you merely want to make your gaming experience straightforward. The guide comes to an end here. I hope you get the solution you're looking for.


Both live blackjack and live slots have benefits and drawbacks, so it's impossible to say which is superior. Which is best for you may be determined by reading the instructions.

Slots are a good option if you want to play basic games without overthinking. Live blackjack is a good option if you want to push yourself intellectually. Despite the complete differences between the two games, both are fantastic. So go ahead and select one based on your preferences. You may also choose both if you would like to.

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