April 23, 2022

Selecting a Player-Friendly Live Roulette Table

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Live roulette isn’t just any live casino game. Although it’s simple to play and luck-based, this game has multiple variations that can make or break your gaming session. Besides looking at the wheel type, gamers should also consider critical factors like the table limits, speed, and more to succeed. 

Selecting a Player-Friendly Live Roulette Table

So, for all live roulette online newbies, here is a guide to help you choose the perfect table at the best live casino. Time to learn!

The house edge

Roulette, just like any other casino live game, gives the house a mathematical advantage that the player can’t beat no matter the strategy they use. In other words, expect more losses than wins on a roulette wheel, thanks to the house edge.

But that doesn’t mean you should play blindly. A lower house edge generally means more winning sessions. So, always play on the European or French wheel whenever possible. These two wheels have a total of 37 numbers compared to 38 on the American wheel.

Because they have less number of pockets, European and French wheels boast lowly house edges of 2.70% and 1.35%, respectively. On the other hand, the American wheel maxes out at 5.27%. So, why play on the American wheel when the European variant is more welcoming?

Consider variant live roulette

When you’re still new to roulette, it’s advisable not to be so curious about what’s on offer at the best online live roulette casino. The thing is, if you feel comfortable playing on the American wheel, then there’s no harm in continuing with the tradition. 

But after settling in at the live casino, it’s time to grow some guts and explore the roulette library. As said at the beginning, live roulette comes in many variants and tables. The idea is to give players a new feel and more winning opportunities without sacrificing the core basics of the game. Put simply, variant roulette games are only intimidating on paper.

A good example is the award-winning Lightning Roulette by Evolution. The developer adds several multipliers into the mix in this game to boost your winning chances. Jackpot Roulette by Ezugi is another excellent option that keeps it classic while throwing in a progressive jackpot.

What’s your budget?

There’re no two ways here; don’t join the highly volatile gambling industry if you don’t plan ahead. In short, prepare for all your gambling sessions in advance by setting aside money for this pastime activity. And this should not be money meant for important things like school fees, medical bills, and so on.

But how do you know the amount you need to bet with? Although the so-called ‘betting experts’ recommend 1,000x the minimum table limit, you can use the 50/30/20 rule that Senator Elizabeth Warren popularized. 

In this case, 50% should cater to your basic needs like health cover and rent while 30% of your income should cover your wants like betting and entertainment. Then, the 20% should go straight to savings and investment.

But whichever way you choose to create a gambling budget, the core issue is to bet with money you can lose comfortably. And another thing, you can divide the bankroll into smaller units and only use a maximum of 5% of a specific unit per bet. It’s all about discipline here!

Roulette round speed

On average, a regular roulette live round at a live casino takes around 60 seconds. Depending on your preferences and game experience, a faster or slower game round would do. For example, seasoned live roulette players don’t want to waste time on the flush stuff. Instead, they prefer faster roulette rounds.

If you want to play on a Speed Roulette wheel, you can choose one powered by Authentic Gaming. That’s because this game developer is known for roulette rounds that last only for 23 seconds or so. But as said before, this option isn’t for green hands. Also, playing on a faster wheel isn’t suitable for bankroll management.

Native Language

Live roulette action streams in real-time from state-of-the-art studios spread across the world. As such, you’ll find most live dealers speaking in English, which is the most popular international language. But what happens to non-English players?

Fortunately, game developers know this fact quite well. So, to attract more players, they offer games in native languages. Evolution, in particular, has excelled here with releases like Venezia Roulette, Svensk Roulette, and Deutsches Roulette. 


All in all, there are many things to consider when choosing a roulette wheel. But whichever variant you want to play, always have a gaming budget and select the European or French wheel over the American wheel. And above all, only play live roulette at licensed live online casinos for the best experience. Enjoy!

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