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Sic Bo is an old casino game with roots in Asia. And while some people may look down upon this casino classic, the Asian casino market has almost jealously kept the Sic Bo culture alive. Besides, the ability of the game to reinvent itself has done a lot to ensure it is available at some of the best live casinos on the internet. Live Sic Bo RGN Jeju is one form in which the old game reinvented itself, bringing new features to casino enthusiasts while keeping the basics of Sic Bo intact. Like any other dice game, players are required to bet on a combination of numbers.

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What is Sic Bo RNG Jeju Live by EntwineTech?

Sic Bo RNG Jeju is one of the casino games developed by EntwineTech, one of the Asian live casino software providers based in the Philippines. But what makes this particular product different from other casino live table games? Instead of being hosted by a human casino live dealer, it's a digital croupier doing the work. Yes, those who play casino games live tend to prefer a human dealer, but a digital croupier showcases how creative the provider got with its product. Besides, EntwineTech sought to convey the charms of the game itself rather than copying the brick-and-mortar realism.

Live Sic Bo RNG Jeju is streamed from the provider's main studio in the Philippines. The game is available at EntwineTech live casinos for play in English and can be accessed on Android and iOS devices. Players with Windows devices can also enjoy the game seamlessly.

How to Play Live Sic Bo RNG Jeju

As said before, it doesn't matter which Sic Bo live game variant one is playing, the basics of the gameplay are the same- it is about placing bets on a combination of numbers and rolling the dice. Live Sic Bo RNG Jeju is no different. This EntwineTech product can be played at multiple tables, three, to be specific. Hence, players have a chance to choose which table they want to play at.

The tables are hosted by three different croupiers: Gabrielle, Maple, and Alice. These are the same characters found at EntwineTech's live roulette RNG tables. Hence, those who have played live roulette RNG by EntwineTech already have a clue of how things look like; they won't struggle. From the chip tray and statistics functions to the betting table and lots of other digitally rendered aspects, the interface is almost the same. The only conspicuous difference is that Sic Bo RNG Jeju comes with digital dice and croupiers.


The gameplay is one of the simplest. It begins by placing wagers. There is a countdown, which is indicated on the player's screen to ensure they place their bets within time. To place a bet, the player moves a chip from the chip tray to his desired position. The player can also use the statistics from the previous 20 rounds and pick up to 7 different chip denominations.

Once the bets are placed and the betting time expires, the digital croupier will tumble the dice, and the results will be displayed in seconds. The dice will be zoomed in when the tumbling stops. All the winnings will be paid out before the next betting round begins.

Important Things to Note When Playing Live Sic Bo RNG Jeju

While the most important aspects of the game are digital (the croupier, dice, and shaker), the outcomes of the game are entirely random. So, just because a human dealer is missing doesn't mean the game's fairness has been compromised. Besides, EntwineTech's software is a tested RNG software. Also, the product is a fast-paced game. So, players don't have much time to waste when the countdown starts. Nevertheless, they have enough time to place and even alter their bets.

Players are allowed to pick up to seven chip denominations, and they can check the stats from the previous rounds to place good bets. As of 2022, the bet range is $1 to $5000. So, no betting budget is too small or big for the game.

Live Sic Bo RNG Jeju Payouts

The payouts of any live dealer online casino game are determined by the type of bet placed. It is the same case when it comes to Sic Bo RNG Jeju. The most common bets in this game include Even/Odd, Big/Small, Specific Total of 4, Triple, and Any Triple. These bets have different odds, and they pay out differently. Here is a snippet of the payouts:

  • Even/Odd-1:1
  • Big/Small- 1:1
  • Triple- 150:1
  • Any Triple: 24:1
  • Specific Total of 4 or 17- 50:1


Sic Bo RNG Jeju boasts a 96.4% RTP, which indicates how often live casino players can expect to win. Of course, the higher the RTP, the higher the chances of winning.

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