September 6, 2021

Traditional Sports Betting Vs. Virtual Sports Betting: Which is Best?

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It’s undebatable that sports betting is a huge market worldwide worth billions of dollars. This form of live betting allows punters to predict the outcome of sporting events such as football, tennis, rugby, motorsport, horse racing, and so much more.

Traditional Sports Betting Vs. Virtual Sports Betting: Which is Best?

But Covid-19 has exposed the soft underbelly of sports betting. Following the suspension of most sporting events last year, operators had to rely on virtual sports betting to stay afloat. But does it offer winning opportunities like traditional sports betting?

What is Virtual Sports Betting?

Virtual sports wagering is similar to real-life sporting competitions. But instead of offering live betting on actual events, virtual sports features players, horses, or cars simulated by computer software. In plain language, it’s just like betting on the outcome of video games.

Generally, players can bet on tennis, horse racing, football matches, and more. The simulations usually come with 3D graphics to mimic a real-life experience.

Similarities Between the Two

So, what do virtual sports betting and traditional sports betting have in common? First, both of these bets are placed using a computer or mobile phone.

But that’s the obvious bit. Much like betting on a live casino or sportsbook, players use fiat currency on virtual sports. So, you must fund your betting account to predict the outcome of your favorite sport.

Another similarity is the number of bet types involved. Usually, both types of gambling offer similar wagers. They include:

  • Double chance
  • Moneyline
  • Point spreads
  • Over/under
  • Prop bets If you choose either of the bets above in virtual sports or traditional sports gambling, you can rest assured that the odds are the same. For instance, a team with 10 odds will give you $1,000 if you wager $100.

In addition, sportsbooks and online casinos offer bonuses for both types of gambling. After signing up for a betting account, you’ll likely receive a generous welcome bonus in the form of a matchup bonus or free bets. Then, you’ll need to fulfill the bonus rollover requirements to withdraw the money. Overall, there are 1001 similarities between virtual sports and real-life sports betting.


While the similarities are many, these forms of gambling also have their fair share of differences. First, regular sports betting outcomes are determined by real-life athletes. So, if you’re lucky, your favorite team might deliver an overwhelming performance and win you money. But sometimes, they may fail to turn up.

Because real-life humans do not play in virtual sports, the results are RNG determined. The RNG (random number generator) works behind the scenes to produce billions of random results per minute. But of course, traditional sporting results are random as well. Still, this doesn’t guarantee non-interference from external interests.

Lastly, virtual contests complete within a minute or so, unlike real-life sports, which last longer. The reason is that virtual sports only display highlights of digitalized games. For instance, soccer fans will only see the goal highlights, essential moves, and great saves. You’ll then see the final score after the highlights and learn your fate.

Virtual Sports Betting Tips

If you’re an avid sports bettor, then you don’t need any introduction here. That’s because things are relatively the same. For example, you can use the “weak team” strategy, which involves gambling on a team with a cold losing streak. If a team has lost five times on the trot, there is no reason to bet a loss.

Additionally, you can start by staking a smaller amount and gradually increase it as your profit hits 25% or more. Remember, success in virtual sports or any other form of online gambling requires patience.

The Sum Up

Overall, virtual sports betting is an excellent alternative to traditional sports wagering. It’s simple to understand, and the outcome doesn’t take forever to reveal, like in sports betting.

However, the lack of real-life human interaction gives regular sports wagering a slight edge. It’s a known fact that some punters don’t trust RNG results. Nonetheless, it’s close enough to traditional gambling.

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