Best 10 Fresh Deck Studios Live Casinos 2023

Fresh Deck Studios is a newcomer to the live casino sector. However, the provider has great ambitions of being among high-quality live casino software providers, thus attracting players to their games. It's a bit of a mystery when it comes to the company's history, but players will be sure to learn more about it in the future.

The atmosphere while playing the provider’s games is comfortable and professional. There are tables placed in various studios worldwide. Also, the top software provider has just enough motion in the background to keep things moving along without interfering with the peace of users' gaming sessions. Luxury and sophistication seem to be two hallmarks that the brand aims for, and the top software provider excels in both. However, one cannot emphasize enough how relaxing and entertaining everything is. At Fresh Deck tables, the casino with live dealers certainly brings their A-game.

About Fresh Deck Software Provider

About Fresh Deck Software Provider

Fresh Deck Studios debuted in the year 2019. That year, they launched their official website. After the launch, they began appearing in the lobbies of the best live casinos, primarily those serving the United States and Australia. Another notable change is that many casinos that previously carried ViG live casino games have now migrated to Fresh Deck Studios. At first, no one believed Fresh Deck was a new developer.

Fresh Deck Studios was created by iGaming industry leaders who noticed a huge demand for Premium Live Dealer Software. The software could suit the expectations of top casino operators. The B2B software developer provides premium quality titles that are streaming 24/7 worldwide. Fresh Deck invites players to try out the most unique and engaging live casino product on the market. The software provider promises players to take their iGaming business to the next level.

About Fresh Deck Software Provider
Unique Features of Fresh Deck Software

Unique Features of Fresh Deck Software

The organization has streaming locations worldwide, making it one of the fast-growing providers in the industry. They also provide many different languages for their players and are likely the market leader in this area. On the other side, their game selection is relatively limited. However, Fresh Deck does have all of the essential games that players enjoy.

Back-end Solutions

These features include white-label solutions that receive a lot of attention. Fresh Deck has developed a way to easily integrate its products with new casino software providers. The technique has allowed their live games to grow quickly, albeit their reach is still less than that of premier developers. This live dealer software competence also includes significant advancements in user interface design, applicable for both mobile and desktop platforms. All of this adds up to a truly exceptional gaming experience.

Regular Updates

Although the Fresh Deck's UI works well on mobile devices, desktops are the primary market. This is primarily due to the larger screen area, which also works well on tablets. The platform and the user interface get regular changes. Not because there's always something to correct, but because there's always an innovation to improve the player's experience.

Multiple Live Dealer Languages

Fresh Deck supports multiple languages, making it the most accessible platform for players worldwide. Some of the major languages supported are:

  • English
  • Turkish
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

When players choose to play table games with this live gaming dealer, they have various extra options, added perks, and the opportunity to make bets and interact with the dealer. These include statistics such as hot and cold numbers when playing roulette. Simple features allow players to bet on the exact numbers or even lay double bets to compensate for lost bets.

Unique Features of Fresh Deck Software
Freshdeck studios in live casinos

Freshdeck studios in live casinos

Despite Fresh Deck claiming to have a global presence, the provider does not own any live casino studios anywhere. The company does not disclose any information on the streaming facilities they use. Players have identified various tables as belonging to other top software providers such Vivo Gaming portfolio.

Players know that Vivo Gaming manufactures in:

  • Varna
  • Bulgaria
  • Georgia
  • Philippines
  • Uruguay

Also, the operator partners with Lucky Streak.

Lucky Streak operates studios in Latvia and Lithuania. The tables' interface and background environment match existing tables from the companies in question. If individuals walk into a Fresh Deck Studios lobby and notice that the interface isn't consistent across all games, they should know that different suppliers are engaged. There is a central lobby where the games are displayed. If providers keep adding games, it appears that they are just giving the title a new look, but nothing significant has changed.

Top Studios Features

Fresh Deck Studios revealed a new game UI for live casinos in 2020 on their official website. Consequently, they devised a method of skinning the games to make them appear to be in-house productions. It is not the case. Fresh Deck and its approach to branding will appeal to those unconcerned about such details and who want to play decent real-time broadcast sessions.

Everything is fine as long as the games reach the participants. Of course, the subject of licensing stands. But, knowing that both Vivo and Lucky Streak are reputable vendors, players’ minds are at peace in this regard. This applies to the live dealers, as well. They are experts and can assist players in various languages spoken in Asia, the United States, and Europe.

The broadcast sessions are streamed with high-definition camera output, and lower sizes are simply one factor. The Optical Character Recognition program, sometimes known as OCR, is an integral feature of Fresh Deck titles. The live games provider scans everything the cameras see and compares it to the data it has on hand. This allows for instantaneous display of results and other information on the screen.

Freshdeck studios in live casinos
Fresh Deck's Live Games

Fresh Deck's Live Games

The number of casinos that currently offer Fresh Deck games may be limited, but users can be confident that this will change shortly. After all, what they provide is a one-of-a-kind experience in many ways.

Fresh Deck Baccarat

Live baccarat (Punto Banco) by Fresh Deck is a well-known casino game where players feel like high rollers regardless of the stakes. People in Asia love it. It is popular among European and Latin American players, and it's a good way for any business partner to generate money.

Fresh Deck Roulette

The Fresh Deck Roulette Experience delivers casino players the everlasting experience of a fully equipped land-based casino. Fresh Deck Studios’ roulette software can handle any number of active players simultaneously; lovely and professional croupiers greet and engage with players, adding to the authenticity and realism sensation.

Fresh Deck Blackjack

Fresh Deck 7-seat unlimited-seat blackjack tables are a casino classic that is very popular with players worldwide. The live casino providers' blackjack software is designed to engage players in a fun and personal way, providing a thrilling casino experience with the convenience and security of desktop and mobile platforms.

Fresh Deck Hold'em Poker

Fresh Deck's Casino Hold 'em is a popular casino game that makes players feel like high rollers regardless of the stakes. Fresh Deck has made unlimited seats available to players for this game, despite being one of the top games to play online.

Fresh Deck's Live Games


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is Fresh Deck Studios?

Fresh Deck Studios is a privately held company specializing in B2B iGaming software distribution. They serve as an aggregator of titles made by independent providers.

Are there any mobile versions of Fresh Deck in live casinos?

Players can easily access live games from the provider on mobile devices. All of Fresh Deck's games are HTML5-based and function well on mobile devices.

Is the players' information secure on Fresh Deck live casinos?

Players’ information is secured when they play Fresh Deck’s titles. The provider applies the most up-to-date technology, such as PGP protocol and 128-bit encryption. These top security features ensure that users’ data is safe and secure when they send it. Also, the Fresh Deck Live casinos use similar technology to ensure the safety of the users.

Is it legal to gamble at Fresh Deck casinos online?

The majority of online casinos operate totally inside a legal framework. However, no international laws apply to online gambling in every country. Because each country has its own set of rules governing internet gambling, the legality of online casinos will vary depending on where they are based and where players live. Before playing at any website, users should confirm that it is licensed in a jurisdiction where it may function lawfully. Also, players should check if their local laws ban them from gambling online, which is uncommon.