Best 10 MediaLive Live Casinos 2023

Medialive is a top-tier online casino games developer that works with hundreds of live casino operators, including some of the best live operators. Medialive's live titles have what it takes to help casino providers stay ahead of the competition, delivering a complete land-based experience online.

Medialive has been in operation for over a decades. This means that the software developer has the experience needed to advance titles that fulfill the needs of casino providers and players alike. It has also gained an enviable reputation for offering quality and fair titles and several other features highlighted in this article.

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About Medialive

About Medialive

Medialive was established as an internet gaming business in 2005 and licensed as an RNG casino. Later, the company acquired a live casino license and created its first live gaming studio within its first two years of operation. The company managed to launch four live titles simultaneously despite being relatively new in the industry. These titles included blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat. In 2011, Medialive had launched several other live casino kiosks, enough to earn it the AAMS certification in Italy.

Over time, Medialive continued to augment its live offerings and services. It also adapted to the latest live casino technologies and gradually expanded its portfolio of games. In 2014, the company adopted the revolutionary HTML5 platform. This move saw the company customize their offerings for mobile devices, ushering in the next mobile live casino gaming level, which helped the company grow even stronger.

Unique Features of Medialive

Customer Support Services

Medialive offers comprehensive customer support services to all casino operators using their applications and services. Providers can always reach out to the support representatives via email or telephone. The customer service representatives are usually quick to respond to queries and offer professional-quality assistance.

Stream Quality

All of Medialive's live casino titles are available in HD. That means punters enjoy so high-definition clarity when streaming playing their favorite live games. The graphics used for the games are also nothing short of impressive.

Game Variety

Medialive offers a wide variety of live casino games. It has more than eight variations of live roulette, three variations of live baccarat, two variations of live blackjack, poker, Mahjong, and sic bo, among other titles. Punters can always find a game that suits their preferences in the Medialive catalog.


Medialive live gaming software allows integration via API, the ideal solution for gaming providers looking to add live titles to existing platforms. The integration process is quite rapid, taking a maximum of ten days only. Integration is done without interfering with the casino operations or customer data.

In-House Casino

Medialive also offers in-house casino services for large live casino operators with the capacity to create and run in-house their casino studios. That allows live gaming providers to maximize their margins while exploiting Medialive's resources and know-how. The in-house services are offered in three phases: project, installation, and training.


Medialive is licensed by two of the world's most renowned regulating authorities. The first is the Malta Gaming Authority, license number MGA/B2B/153/2007. The Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom is the other licensing authority and the license number is 000-038874-R-319928-00.

About Medialive
Medialive Studios

Medialive Studios

Medialive has several live casino studios from which their live casino titles are streamed in real-time. The studios are aptly furnished and designed to resemble real land-based casinos to ensure players get the most immersive experiences. Different live casino operators can choose different backgrounds. That helps with differentiation and branding, which providers can use to entice more punters to their platforms. For example, providers can include promotional information and other marketing elements in the background.

Most of Medialive's studios are located in different locations across Malta. That mostly is because the game developers launched their business in Malta. They operated from there for a while before expanding into other countries. Gaming action streamed from their Malta studios is offered to many different markets worldwide through API integration systems and various products from other software vendors.

Land-Based Casino Studios

Medialive also streams several land-based gaming houses located in different countries. Such include Olympic Park Casino in Estonia, Perla Casino in Slovenia, and Sanremo Casino in Italy. The main reason for Medialive setting up their streaming services in the land-based casinos is that the laws in those jurisdictions require casinoto have real casinos based in the countries to provide live casino services. Streaming from a real land-based casino also helps to make gaming action realistic and immersive.

How Casino Operators Offer Medialive Streaming Services

Online live casino operators typically get Medialive offerings by integrating their platforms into Medialive systems. That is done by the software provider linking the casino operators' websites to their game portfolio. Alternatively, the developer also sets up in-house studios or streaming from the operator's land-based outlets. Medialive installs all relevant equipment and provides the necessary resources. Medialive can also offer extensive training to the operators' dealers on behalf of the clients. In-house services are currently limited to the regulated European market.

Medialive Studios


Everything you need to know about casinos

Does Medialive stream from real casinos?

Medialive streams from several live studios located in Malta and only a few of them from live gaming houses situated in Italy, Estonia, and Slovenia. Live titles streamed from land-based casinos are exclusive to punters in the respective locations.

Do Media live games feature bonus offers?

Most of Medialive's live titles are designed to offer player bonuses. However, the bonus amounts vary among different operators. The Medialive gives gaming providers the liberty to customize the bonus offers to suit their marketing standards and needs. The bonuses are available in various forms, including free spins and bonus cash.

Are the Medialive live games fair?

All the Medialive offerings are fair. Most importantly, their live dealers are held to high professional standards. The developers include all the security features to ensure that providers cannot influence any outcome. Also, the developer works closely with reputable Independent organizations that conduct regular audits to ensure that all outcomes are fair and transparent.

Where is Medialive Casino located?

Medialive is headquartered are Malta. However, it has offices and operations in several other countries around Europe. However, Medialive also streams from different locations spread across the world.

Does Medialive support live gaming on TV?

Medialive has two distinct packages for integrating live casino titles into TV schedules. The first package is the complete platform, suitable for television networks that want to offer viewers live casino entertainment and independently manage the live gaming aired. The other package is exclusive to streaming, ideal for television networks that prefer delegating the management of live gaming to the software vendor.

Does Medialive offer customer support services?

Medialive offers professional-level customer support services available to all its clients. The available channels for contacting the support representatives include email and telephone. The support agents usually respond to issues promptly to ensure that all the live casino providers using their services experience the least inconvenience in case of technical problems.

Are Medialive games compatible with mobile devices?

All the Medialive live titles developed after 2014, when the developers adapted the HTML5 platform, are compatible with mobile devices. Their live casino titles run seamlessly on all smartphones and tablets that use iOS and Android operating systems.

What does it take for a gaming provider to obtain Medialive services?

Medialive offers its services and products to all live gaming providers from any jurisdiction that allows online gambling. The operators can request a quotation for the services or products they need on the Medialive official website, which they will get within 72 hours.

Are Medialive games popular in live casinos?

Medialiva is a household name in live casinos. Most of Medialive's titles are quite popular and are featured in many live gaming houses. That is especially the case for their roulette titles.