Best 10 Sunbet Live Casinos 2023

Sunbet stands tall among casino software developers despite its relatively short stay in the gaming industry. As far as quality game development goes, Sunbet compares well to some of the big names in the iGaming industry. However, the company's reputation is further enhanced by the vast number of casino titles developed within the short time, most of which have become incredibly popular.

Sunbet title's popularity is fueled by several factors other than the variety they offer. Sunbet's titles are known for quality graphics, entertaining gameplay, and other standout features. They are also available in numerous live gaming houses, further enhancing their popularity in live gaming circles. The company's reputation in the live casino gaming industry also plays a part in its popularity.

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About Sunbet

About Sunbet

Unlike many other live casino software providers, Sunbet is not an independent provider. It is one of the more than 900 brands that operate under one of the top software providers in Asia, Inplay Matrix. That means their developers have numerous resources to count on, including those from other niches. Inplay Matrix is a big and reputable company in the region, which helps instill trust in Sunbet.

Sunbet was founded in 2010 and was licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission. It initially focused on the provision of bookmaking services and other casino titles. However, the company shifted its focus to supplying live casino software and services, marketing itself as the optimal solution for live casino titles in Asia. Over time, the developers managed to infiltrate the saturated online gaming market by identifying gaps in the market and providing tangible solutions.

Unique Feature of Sunbet

  • Data Management

Sunbet offers vast data management tools that can be integrated into existing live casino gaming platforms. The back-end management tools help clients manage their business data more effectively without compromising safety and security. Utilizing the tools and other resources can help live casino providers use their data for more efficient marketing and prevent fraud.

  • Compatibility

All of Sunbet's latest releases are compatible with nearly all devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. That eliminates most punters' concerns about whether their devices will allow them to access their favorite titles. Additionally, games can be accessed through web browsers and applications, though apps are limited to specific live casinos.

  • User Interface

Sunbet's user interface is clean and easily readable. That makes it easier for punters to focus on the ongoing live gaming action. Nevertheless, the user interface's simplicity does not compromise functionality. That makes the software a great choice for beginners.

  • Languages

Sunbet dealers predominantly use the simplified Chinese language. However, that is only when they must speak, as the dealers are known to handle the action without talking. Punters can change the language used for the user interface to their preferred languages. The user interface offers several language options, including English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

  • Bonuses

Sunbet design almost all its live titles to offer a variety of live casino bonus types to help its clients attract more punters. However, the clients can withdraw or adjust the bonus amounts depending on their needs. Modifying the bonuses is relatively simple as Sunbet offers back-end management services.

  • Customer Support

Sunbet offers customer support services but is limited only to its business clients. Players can only contact their live casino providers and not the developer.

About Sunbet
Sunbet Studios

Sunbet Studios

Sunbet currently only has one studio, located in Manila, the Philippines' capital. However, a live casino studio's locations mainly serve jurisdictional issues, as live gaming action from the studio can be streamed to any location globally. The casino studio features are more essential considerations as they influence the studio's functionality and the live gaming that punters will experience.


The Sunbet studio is small compared to the studios of other competing live casino gaming software developers. As a result, the studio looks quite congested, which takes away from the live gaming experience. The live tables are too close to each other that some camera angles for most tables also capture the action going on at nearby tables. That is probably one of the main reasons the live dealers typically do not talk, as they can interfere with the gameplay at surrounding tables.


The studio is also not pleasing to the eye as it looks more like an office with live gaming tables than a real casino. There is no particular theme for the design, making it difficult for clients to capitalize on the marketing opportunity. That type of setup seems more like it belongs to over a decade ago.

Live Dealers

The live dealers are probably why the Sunbet studio remains successful despite some of its unexciting features. The live dealers are great in what they do, even if they rarely talk. They are always dressed neatly and appear charming with their smiles and actions as they display their professionalism. The croupiers will probably be able to talk more when the Sunbet is expanded to give each table more space, which will help make gaming feel more real instead of giving a near similar experience to playing an RNG version.

Sunbet Studios


Everything you need to know about casinos

Who owns Sunbet?

Sunbet is a subsidiary company of one of the largest iGaming developers in Asia called Inplay Matrix. It is one of the more than 700 brands owned by Inplay Matrix. However, Sunbet operates as an independent company, including running its independent live casino studio.

Does Sunbet have operating licenses?

Sunbet has several operating licenses from reputable regulating authorities. The main ones were issued by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission and the Philippine Amusement and Gambling Corporation. With such licenses, punters can be sure that the casino titles offered are fair are they are usually monitored by the licensing authorities.

Are Sunbet games recommended for beginners?

Sunbet's titles are highly recommended to beginners or newbies in the online live casino betting world. That is mostly because of the simplified nature of Subet's live titles. It does not take much to understand how any of Sunbet's live titles are played, thanks to their software's intuitive and relatively attractive user interface.

Does Sunbet offer any traditional Asian live games?

Sunbet offers a variety of traditional Asian casino titles targeted at the Asian market, which is the company's main target market. Some traditional Asian titles include baccarat, bullfight, dragon tiger, and mahjong. There are not many developers that offer such varieties of traditional Asian titles.

What is the streaming quality for Sunbet games?

Sunbet uses a technology that allows punters to stream their live casino titles at either 480p or 720p. However, 480p is a great option for punters with slow internet connections. It is not as clear as the other alternative but minimizes or prevents lagging, which might cause errors in a live casino game. 720p is fairly clear, though there is room for improvement.

What are the languages offered by Sunbet?

Sunbet live casino software is available in several languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Punters can switch to their preferred language from the settings menu within the user interface. Unlike a mainstream casino with live dealers, Sunbet's croupiers rarely speak, making it difficult to determine which languages they understand.

Does Sunbet have male live dealers?

None of Sunbet studios has a male live dealer. All the dealers are attractive females, always dressed neatly and appear cheerful at all times. However, the dealers typically do not add much to the gaming experiences because they never speak or chat with players.

Does Sunbet offer free live gaming to punters?

Unfortunately, Sunbet does not offer punters any free live casino gaming opportunities. All players must deposit funds and place wagers to participate. New players can read the detailed tutorials for learning purposes, as Sunbet does not offer free trials.

Can punters play Sunbet live games on their mobile devices?

All the latest Sunbet live casino titles are accessible on smartphones and tablets, provided the mobile devices have browsers that support HTML5. Downloads or installations are not required to play live titles.

Do Sunbet casinos offer bonuses?

Most Sunbet casinos offer a variety of bonuses and other promotional offers. However, the bonuses' type, amount, and qualification vary among the different Sunbet casinos.