October 4, 2021

Tried and Proven Blackjack Money Management Techniques

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Here’s the painful truth; don’t play any game at a live casino with money meant for house rent, school fees, medicine, or any other essential budget. If you do that, you’ll most likely end up broke and psychologically broken. In short, only bet with money you can afford to lose.

Tried and Proven Blackjack Money Management Techniques

But it takes a professional player to manage a gambling bankroll correctly. After all, Ed Thorp claims you can beat the dealer with or without a bankroll. Still, below are some blackjack bankroll tips to help you manage your money like a pro.

Is There a Perfect Bankroll Size?

Well, it depends. In all honesty, you need a bankroll and brains to cut it at a blackjack table. However, most players just pay attention to the former and forget about the latter. Simply put, you may have a $10,000 bankroll and lose it all if you don’t have a playing strategy.

Start by determining your average bet per hand and multiply it by at least $1000. For example, if you’re playing at a $5 table, then you need at least $5,000 to get into the game. So, if you don’t want to go home with an empty pocket, get a big bankroll.

Number of Betting Units

If you don’t want to encounter a devastating wipeout at the best live casinos, dividing your bankroll into smaller units is a must. In fact, most seasoned players will tell you that losses shouldn’t eat up your gambling bankroll. So, a big bankroll must back up a player’s wagers.

Staying with the example above, if you bet $5 per hand with a $100 bankroll, then that amount isn’t enough to protect you from the shocks of a losing streak. Indeed, ten losses on the trot will wipe out half your bankroll, ending your chances of winning something meaningful. So, divide the money into hundreds of units to avoid getting busted.

Don’t Ignore Blackjack Bonuses

Of all the bankroll management tips on this list, this one is the most straightforward. To shield your bankroll and find the correct playing strategy without paying a dime, use bonuses. Usually, online casino bonuses are attached to slot machines, although some gambling sites offer bonus money to use on any casino game.

When playing at a casino, you may find a matchup bonus or no deposit bonus to use on a blackjack game. Some casinos will even refund a percentage of your stake after losing a bet. However, read the bonus terms and conditions carefully to avoid getting to a spider web unknowingly. Also, avoid claiming everything that comes your way, as this might get you suspended.

Quitting Time

What separates ordinary blackjack players from successful players is the ability to make the right calls. Yes, that includes knowing exactly when to leave. In this case, you shouldn’t only leave when you’re losing but also when you’re ahead. It’s critical to know that the house edge is always awake 24/7.

Suppose you have a $2,500 bankroll and divide it into five sessions. That means you’ll bet $500 per session. On the other hand, you obviously don’t want to risk it all on a single trip. Therefore, set maximum play hours. If you’ve lost half your session bankroll in less than an hour, throw in the towel and try next time. Continue playing if you add $200 or $100 to your bankroll within this duration.

Closing Thoughts

With the above blackjack money management techniques, the house will find it challenging to keep your money. Remember, blackjack is a game of skill, so knowing how to place bets and manage your bankroll can make the difference. Good luck and have fun!

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