June 21, 2021

Ignore this Terrible Gambling Advice to Win Money

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The online gambling industry is full of unfounded rumors and assumptions to distract the gullible. As a result, you’ll get a lot of gambling advice telling you how casino games are rigged in favor of the house, so you can’t win. Likewise, some poorly-researched gambling tips will tell you not to play jackpots because the casino won’t pay for one reason or another. That’s why this post will unveil to you some worst advice to ignore while playing online or offline.

Ignore this Terrible Gambling Advice to Win Money

The House Always Wins

This dreaded phrase is prevalent in the live casino gambling industry. But although there is some element of truth in it, experience has proved that it’s all a fallacy. After all, the gambling industry would be dead by now if players were going home with empty pockets.

The trick is to play gambler-friendly games like video poker and blackjack. In other words, you’re likely to win playing games of skill than luck-based variants like video slots and roulette. So, learn a few table game strategies to succeed at your favorite regulated live casino.

Don’t Play Slot Machines

Okay, this one sounds confusing. But here is the thing; playing a video slot at any online casino is inevitable. Why? Typically, video slots contribute to online casino bonuses 80% of the time. Some casinos even tailor their bonuses and promotions strictly from video slot players.

In that case, play a few high-paying video slots to lay your hands on the bonuses. Claiming the bonus money allows you to test how the casino works and win cash in return. It’s this money that you can use to play your favorite table game.

Stop Playing When Losing

Thanks to the house edge, experiencing a cold losing streak is a sure bet. However, some ‘expert’ players will advise you to stop playing as soon as you lose five or more bets.

Unfortunately, following this tip means that you’ll never spend time on the casino floor, limiting your winning chances in return. Casino games are designed to offer wins and losses, although losing streaks are more common. But you never know, the next bet might be your lucky moment.

Double Your Bet to Recover Losses

If you’re a seasoned blackjack player, you know a few things about the negative progression strategy. In this regard, players double their bets when they lose a hand. However, this gambling advice doesn’t work most of the time. That’s because you must be sure of winning your next hand, which is close to impossible with a limited bankroll.

Suppose you have a $500 bankroll and play on a blackjack table with a $5 bet per hand. If that’s the case, losing seven times will vanquish your bankroll. Fortunately, experiencing such a losing streak is next to impossible, but it happens on a bad day.

Keep on Practicing

Players must know that most casino game outcomes, including those of skill-based games, are determined by luck. As said, the house edge gives the casino a mathematical edge. But you can use gambling techniques like counting cards to win more consistently. Sadly, if a casino finds out that you’re using a particular strategy to win games, which they will, by the way, they won’t hesitate to kick you out. Some will even blacklist you entirely.


Hopefully, you’ve learned a few things from the gambling advice above. Armed with reliable information, you can rest assured of walking away a winner more often. Remember, most gambling tips online are based on hearsays and rumors. So, only take advice from trusted websites and learn from experience.

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